Guarding Services

Well-trained security personnel's instinct and judgment beat even the most advanced technology, making 'Manned Guarding’ the most crucial aspect of any effective security deployment strategy.

Every security personnel is selected through a stringent selection process that includes detailed background checks. Further, our personnel undergo a rigorous 160-hour training program to meet industry and region-specific security norms. Owing to an innovative approach and a dedicated workforce, we have an industry best client retention rate of 99.9%.

Our Gaurding Services includes:

Security Guard

They are dressed in close order, appropriate uniform with well-trained techniques, physically and mentally strong. Our guards are equally valued by all clients to represent our perseverance.

Personal Security Guard

For individual protection of life, we have customized security guards. The Personal Security Guard is diligent in providing the individual's life and property.


With legal licenses take necessary action as the circumstances demand, armed personnel are well-equipped with the professionally trained use of armaments in emergencies.

Event Security Guard

Khyati Shield Security Services is the best choice to make if you're looking for the top security guard companies in India especially to organize an event in the city.

From general guarding to highly specialized security roles:

  • Critical Assets Protection
  • Customers Relations
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Close Protection
  • Response Team
  • Company Social Responsibility
  • Access Control
  • Security Alert

"We Provide Most Effective and Trusted Manpower Service"

You can call us on (+91) 9560648020, 8076958648 to discuss your security requirement
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