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Excellence is an art that is learned by preparation and habituations. We're constantly doing what we do. For us, excellence is not an act, it is a habit. Such excellence is reflected in our strategy on training and recruitment. It's the foundation that builds the entire structure on.

A retired senior army / paramilitary officers team is responsible for the initial screening and selection. He is medically tested and then screened by The Head (Recruitment) after being pleased with the incumbent's basic educational and physical requirements.

The curriculum requires the development of information about the use of safety gadgets and timely protection. Our training programs also include household and residential security. Specific exercises on firefighting, crowd control, and sessions of first aid are performed. Armed security men are trained in military equipment handling methods in special training exercises.

The standard of recruitment is as follows:–

  • Age: Candidate must be at least 21 years of age and maximum be 50 years.
  • Height: We select only those candidates who are minimum 5'5" or above.
  • Eye Sight: The eyesight should b 6 X 6.
  • Physique: Candidate must be in excellent physical shape.
  • Education: Candidate must possess a minimum of matriculate certificate. Also, the applicant should have an ability to read, write and speak English and the language(s) most appropriate to his or her assigned duties.
  • Criminal History: We duly check the candidate's background for if the person has a clean record and is free from any job related crime. Any felony conviction discovered in the course of conducting the search should also be considered relevant to the candidate's qualifications for the position.
  • Experience: We prefer those applications that have some experience in this security industry.

Khyati Shield basic training includes:–

  • Drill movements at regular intervals Services
  • Fire fighting and first-aid methods
  • Gate duties
  • Ensuring proper documentation at the gate or reception
  • Basic telephone duties and mannerisms
  • Good and friendly conduct with staff and visitors
  • Escorting the VIPs
  • Search and frisking of persons
  • Personal hygiene and essential housekeeping duties
  • Car parking and traffic control and much more.
  • Control of men and material at entry and exit points
  • Issue of passes and checking of ID cards
  • Liaison with the police, fire brigade stationTraining
  • Patrolling of premises and dwelling units
  • Source of theft and pilferage

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